Are you rotton to the core? Here’s how to improve your core stability

Core muscles allow you to maintain your form for longer. A stronger core is usually accompanied by a slimmer waistline, better flexibility, less weight and a little extra free speed – in short, the kind of attributes most runners kill for. Continue reading

top five running injuries and how to beat them

The top five running injuries – and how to beat them

If you’re a keen runner there’s every chance you’ve had a frustrating lay off due to injury at some point. Here are five common injuries and what you can do to avoid them Continue reading

how to beat the winter running blues and keep running

Beat the winter blues and keep running

The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are with us again all too soon, confining most of us to the roads during the week with country paths having to wait until the weekend. Continue reading


Music To My Ears

Ice or a hot bath, orthotics or not…and listening to earphones…just some of the topics which are certain to pop up in conversation among runners at some point which are sure to spark debate. Continue reading

ups and downs

Surviving The Decline (but not the economic one!)

Why training for the downhill can be more important than the uphill struggle when it comes to improving times and avoiding injuries Continue reading

advice on training and running your first marathon

Tackling Your First Marathon

Completing 26.2 miles is a daunting task. Particularly when you consider that at its inception – when a Greek messenger names Phidippides ran from a place called Marathon to Athens in 490BC – the guy dropped dead. Continue reading