KORE therapy

Tui-Na or KORE therapy treatment

What is KORE?

KORE Therapy (Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement) is an assessment and treatment system using functional muscle tests to pinpoint the root cause of a problem. Treatment then includes Eastern and Western techniques, including Chinese Tui-Na massage, pelvic rebalancing, and neck release stretches, and can also incorporate cupping and acupuncture. At the end of each session the same muscle tests are used to demonstrate that the treatments have begun the healing process.


What are the benefits of KORE?

KORE is an assessment and treatment system which gets to the root cause of chronic conditions and encourages the body to begin a natural recovery. It can improve sporting performance, increase muscle power, and help with issues including sciatica, constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), back, neck and shoulder pain, bloating, headaches, and menstrual problems.


What can I expect in a KORE session?

KORE sessions typically take an hour, and always begin and end with a unique functional muscle testing system where you will be asked to raise your arms and legs and ‘hold’ them against gentle pressure. This testing identifies the underlying issues in your tissues and depending on these findings a combination of treatments can be used including fire cupping, stomach massage and cranial release. At the end of the session, you will repeat your muscle test so you can see the change in your body for yourself.

Who can have a KORE treatment?

Anyone can have a KORE treatment, from athletes to active people and pensioners who are in pain and looking for a way to heal their body without resorting to taking more medication. Certain health conditions could prevent treatment though, such as cancer, severe heart disease or an infectious disease, which is why we take a full medical history at the start.

Can a KORE treatment make me stronger?

Yes, because KORE’s muscle testing aims to initiate an immune system response to get your body to recognise the root cause of an issue and begin the healing process before therapy even begins. Once the body is back in balance, we can engage our muscles at full power.

Is KORE therapy part of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The KORE assessment and treatment system brings together the best of both Eastern and Western treatment skills to address the root cause of health problems. Founder Dr John Brazier is an honorary Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Oriental Medicine practitioner.