Kerryanne carries out a Reflexology treatment at Real Ease

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing non-invasive ancient Egyptian treatment for the feet. It helps the body restore its balance through the reflex points we have on our feet or hands which mirror our entire body’s internal organs and structures. These are linked via our nervous system, and when these are stimulated using specific finger and thumb massage techniques any blockages and imbalances are released, encouraging the body to heal and restore the free flow of energy (Qi).


What are the benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology has many benefits including helping combat insomnia and fatigue, stress, and hormonal imbalances, and being a holistic treatment, it aims to treat the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, to induce a state of balance, stimulating the body’s own potential to heal both physically and emotionally. After a treatment you might notice yourself sleeping better and find your mood and sense of well-being improving.


Is reflexology right for me and what can I expect in a session?

Sessions typically last an hour, beginning with a relaxing foot soak and scrub to warm and soften the muscles in your feet. You’ll then move to the couch and relax back under a blanket while we apply a nourishing natural massage wax and massage the soles of your feet, before beginning gentle but focused pressure work on the specific reflex points to clear blockages. Some areas can feel more tender than others, but a treatment should never be painful.

Where did reflexology come from?

Reflexology dates from Ancient Egypt, India, and China, but was not introduced to the West until Dr William Fitzgerald developed ‘Zone therapy’ in the early 1900s. He believed that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone.

Can reflexology help with physical and emotional issues?

Reflexology creates an overall physical relaxation in the body helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Several studies have linked reflexology to pain reduction and psychological distress due to the release of endorphins – the natural feel-good hormones that minimise the body’s stress response.

Is reflexology ticklish on my feet?

Typically, people think that if they’re ticklish on their feet they can’t have reflexology, but as the pressure used is quite firm it’s unlikely to feel tickly.

However, a treatment can be carried out on the palm of the hands instead if someone is more comfortable with this.