Massage Therapies

Kerryanne carries out a sports massage on a client's shoulder at the clinic in Newcastle under Lyme

Discover the right massage therapy for you

The Real-ease approach of fusing various forms of massage techniques together to relieve pain, injury, stress, and tension throughout the body allows us to provide a treatment perfectly suited to your personal needs. All the therapies below can be performed as stand-alone treatments, but typically are used in combination to produce the best result possible for your issue.

Indian Head Massage

This ancient Eastern massage is deeply relaxing, helping to calm the mind through a combination of massage techniques to the upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, and scalp to revive the whole of the head. It is performed with oil to promote the health of your hair, particularly if it is regularly exposed to hairdryers and straightening irons.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy uses volcanic basalt stones as an extension of the therapists’ hands to bring a deep sense of relaxation to tense, tight and overworked muscles. Along with massage oil and a combination of massage techniques, the warm stones can be used on your legs, back, arms, and neck to encourage improved circulation and the removal of waste products.


Myofascial Release

Fascia surrounds, protects, and supports every structure within the body. Releasing it requires tracing a restriction back to its origin and applying slow, gentle, and sustained pressure led by feedback from the person being treated. This is known as myofascial unwinding, and is a deeply relaxing, and sometimes emotional, process, due to our emotional responses to trauma.


Trigger Point Therapy

Doctors who specialise in pain treatment suggest that trigger points, small contraction knots within the muscles, are the primary cause for around 75 per cent of chronic pain issues. They keep muscles both tight and weak and refer pain elsewhere within the body, so massaging these is a key part of breaking a pain cycle.


Sports Massage

Not just for athletes! But for anyone who is active and wants to stay that way by releasing and reducing the tension in their muscles. Sports massage is a targeted treatment to specific areas of the body to remove waste products so you can recover more quickly to keep training and exercising.


Abdominal Massage – Amno Fu

A deep massage aimed at clearing trapped toxins, restrictions and waste products, and releasing stress, bowel, lower back, and emotional problems (the gut-brain connection).


Cupping Therapy (Dry)

Cupping therapy originated in China and involves placing cups on the skin which create a vacuum effect to facilitate blood flow and relieve muscle tension. The cups can be left on an area to loosen the tissue, then moved over an area to stimulate the muscle and spinal nerves.

What are the benefits of massage?

Regular massage therapy has many health benefits, the most typical being improved mental wellness, improved sleep, an increase in body awareness and imbalances, a reduction in injuries and stress and a reduction in muscle tension and pain.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is concentrated on treating the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) through a range of techniques to improve blood flow and circulation, reduce muscle tension, improve muscle tone and performance, and enhance the body’s own ability to heal through the immune system.

Can anyone have a massage?

If someone is in good health or has a condition which is being managed effectively through medication or lifestyle then they can have a massage. However, massage therapy is not advisable where there is inflammation, in people with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer or infections which are causing a fever or skin problems. Always tell your therapist about any medications you’re taking, any medical conditions you have which have been diagnosed, and any recent visits to your GP or a hospital.