I was recommended to Kerry a few months ago by a work colleague of mine. I’m a personal trainer and have an active very physical job. For the past 12months I have suffered with excruciating pain in my back, shoulder and neck causing me to have limited movement in all three. Throughout this year I’ve had a hospital stay, brain scans and spinal MRI’s trying to find out the cause. After being diagnosed with a disc bulge and still no further idea of what causes the rest of the pain, I decided to see Kerryanne. I have had four sessions so far and can’t believe the relief she has given me. My back is 90% better, I can roll my shoulder and lift my arm above my head, and for the first time in 12 months and I feel I can actually do my job properly again. Kerryanne is so lovely, puts you completely at ease and is very knowledgeable in her job. If I could see her twice a week I totally would. She’s got healing hands and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Kerry for giving me ‘me’ back.

Kelly Mountford


I have been suffering with leg pain for 7 years, and have had various massages from different salons and spa places, however, I was never fully satisfied with my treatments and would leave thinking ‘this isn’t for me’ or ‘this hasn’t helped.’
I always felt like the treatments I had received were not applying the right pressure I needed to be relieved from the pain I had, therefore I decided to research on the best massage places available online, and thankfully came across this page, and haven’t been to another place since!
I had never thought of having a sports massage before, and before even booking my appointment, Kerryanne asked me my background about where my pain had started, what type of pain I had and so forth, and after all these years of suffering and not knowing why I had this pain, Kerryanne was the one who encouraged me to get an MRI scan and was able to work out what my pain was before I even got it diagnosed.
I am so grateful for coming across Kerryanne’s page, and not only is she fantastic at her job, she is a genuinely lovely person who really cares about helping her clients get to the root of their problems.
I would recommend Kerryanne to anyone and I haven’t found ANYONE as good as her.

Kally Dee


I visited Kerry following a recommendation. I had been suffering with recurring lower back pain for several years and went to see Kerry but didn’t really know what to expect, so was a bit anxious. Kerry is lovely and made me feel at ease but is also very professional and knowledgeable.
She diagnosed I had suffered a historic back injury which, by not having it treated, had caused muscle to deteriorate. I had the sports massage which relieved my painful bad back and gave me valuable advice on how to proceed.
I also saw Kerry prior to a long flight and activity holiday and had pulled a muscle at work. Kerry quickly identified the damaged area by massaging the injured tissue and did hot stone therapy. It helped immensely – I had regained almost all, pain free, mobility. Kerry explained which muscle it was, how injury can be caused and gave me some stretching exercises to do on the plane. I went on to have a great pain-free holiday. Thank you Kerry.

Michael Stanaway


Kerryanne provides very friendly and professional sessions, and the progress I’ve made since my first appointment has been amazing.
I’ve been out of training due to health and of course lockdown for a long time, starting back again triggered some old injuries as well as new complaints, but with the treatment from Kerryanne and by following her advice between sessions I’ve found relief for issues I’ve struggled with using other therapists and methods. Highly recommended!

Lauren Eaton 


I had a deep tissue massage with Kerryanne today. She was absolutely amazing and managed to release so much tension in my back, neck, and shoulders. Felt amazing afterwards and thoroughly recommend Kerryanne.

Karin Collins


Having had a bad 6 months with various running-related injuries I was recommended to visit Kerryanne.
After a couple of sports massages my strains, especially my troublesome piriformis were gone!
Kerryanne has given me great advice with regards to stretching and so impressed have I been that I have passed on her details to my clubmates. Kerryanne offers a professional service at a bargain price!!
Bill Stevenson, Hartshill, Staffordshire
Runner, Michellin AC


I went for a Sports Massage with Kerryanne. Wow!! I didn’t realise how much I needed it. I am a regular runner and had never had a sports massage before. I was expecting it to be just an easy massage but Kerryanne worked those knotted muscles for a long time. I was also given lots of advice too on stretching etc. Kerryanne took a full history from me before she began the massage and I felt really confident that she knew exactly where my troublesome areas were. After the massage, I felt good the next time I ran and by body felt refreshed. Think I need to go back to have another massage soon!!!
Belinda Riley
University Hospital of North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust


I was having continual problems with my back so I went to see Kerry. It had been causing me a lot of pain and I was having problems sleeping. I couldn’t really attribute the pain to anything in particular, but she went through list of possible causes and ways I could make adjustments to my desk at work and exercises I could do to help keep it loosened up.
I had a deep tissue muscle massage and have never felt so liberated. She went straight to the problem and even found areas I hadn’t realised were locked up. I would definitely recommend her!
Charlotte Littlejones


I have suffered with back pain, neck pain and headaches on and off for years but just ‘put up with it’…now I’m a fitness instructor and exercising a lot, my back was beginning to seize up and the tightness in my neck and shoulders was becoming unbearable! I booked a massage with Kerryanne and found it to be AMAZING!! She managed to totally ‘loosen’ the knots and the relief was fantastic. Previously I’d only experienced beauty salon massages and would end up feeling frustrated at the lack of any positive after effects, now I can relax and feel confident that Kerryanne will improve any pain or tightness…plus its unbelievable value!! I have made many recommendations to my fitness bootcamp and class attendees and will continue to do so….miss this,MISS OUT!
Sue Foulkes, fitness instructor, Weston Coyney


I suffered a bad calf tear while running a half marathon over a year ago. A colleague at my running club, Mow Cop Runners, recommended Kerryanne to me. I’d never had a sports massage before so really didn’t know what to expect. At my first appointment, Kerry clearly explained what I should expect and went through, in great detail, any problems I’d previously had including my medical history. Kerry made me feel at ease straight away, the treatment was initially painful but this was explained beforehand. Following my first session, Kerry gave me plenty of advice on RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) and how to treat the injury in the interim. Kerry also noticed that I had an anomaly in that I suffer from under-pronation with my right foot. I’ve since seen a physio who has also been of help to me. After a number of follow up sessions my calf injury was resolved. I’ve since used Kerry to help maintain my muscles and keep me running. Sports massage isn’t just about treating injuries, it’s really down to maintenance. Since working with Kerry, I’ve learnt a great deal about my body and how to keep myself injury free so I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kerry as she continues to be a great help to me.
Peter Stroynowski, runner with Mow Cop Running Club, Harriseahead


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I’ve been seeing Kerryanne for years, having Rossiter, reflexology and for general sports massage. She always gets the right spots and I feel loads better and relaxed after treatments.

Philip Windsor


Have started having Reflexology sessions with Kerryanne I have found them to be so relaxing, a great de-stress hour after a busy day and a good detox. A lovely treat at a very reasonable price, and I would definitely recommend her to someone else.

Lilian Arnold


Have started having Reflexology sessions with Kerryanne I have found them to be so relaxing, a great de-stress hour after a busy day and a good detox. A lovely treat at a very reasonable price, would definitely recommend her to someone else.
Lilian Arnold, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent


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I first went to see Kerryanne about my clicky jaw a few years back which I’d had since childhood. The hospital said the only option was to cut through the muscles in my face and wash the joint out. Thinking this was quite brutal and extreme, someone suggested Kerryanne. I went along to see her and after a few sessions, she fixed me purely through massage – glad I didn’t listen to the doctor!
Since then, I have continued to see Kerryanne for a sports massage once a month, occasionally switching to Rossiter. She is basically a legend! She has stopped my clicky jaw coming back and offers health tips and advice.
She’s super friendly, very knowledgeable and always professional. She’s amazing at firm massage and the products she uses smell amazing. I couldn’t recommend her enough. If she ever changes jobs or location, I don’t know what I’ll do!
Thanks for your help as always Kerryanne – you’re a star!

Amy Harvey


WOW! Kerryanne is magic. There is no other way to describe her. I’ve suffered with shoulder issues for 8 months. Physio hasn’t touched it. After just ONE session with Kerryanne, I can finally get both hands on my hips again (necessary when you have three young children!). Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Katie Nut


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Fantastic – I thoroughly recommend. I was so surprised how stress-relieving the Indian head, back and shoulder massage made me feel, having never tried it before, I now look forward to my regular monthly session. Totally impressed with the high-quality treatments, knowledge, expertise, and personal service at Real-Ease.

Samantha Bird 


Been seeing Kerryanne for the last few years (covid permitting) every other month for treatment to resolve poor posture from sitting hunched over my desk all week. Kerryanne is brilliant, knows her stuff and has worked many a knot out of my back with various different methods of treatment.
Highly recommended and even brought my bro-in-law a session for Christmas.

Victoria Prescott


Best massage I have ever had. Really holistic approach and thorough assessment of my needs specific to me. Kerry made me feel completely at ease. Already booked in for my next appointment and can’t wait to go.

Charis Hancock


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Brilliant experience. I had the Indian head massage and acupuncture. Had the therapy but also a really nice chat with Kerryanne. Put me totally at ease. I left the session so relaxed, and it has eased my headaches which is what I wanted. I will be going back.

Fabio Rendina


Wow! Real-ease therapies are awesome. After years of suffering from chronic fatigue, it took three treatments of acupuncture to turn my life around. Very grateful to this amazing lady Kerryanne, you are soooo professional and a caring lady.

Maria Bailey


Kerryanne is not only a wonderful person, but she has also used a variety of treatments to help reduce pain from my circulation problem. I hold her personally responsible for me taking less painkillers and that is always a good thing! I recommend her to everyone I know.

Chrissi Thompson


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I’ve been visiting Kerryanne for many years now and couldn’t recommend her enough. She has a huge range of treatments for whatever is most appropriate at the time, and I have always felt very comfortable and relaxed. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and has a genuine care for your progress.

Megan Davies


I have been going to Kerryanne for some time now. I always leave feeling both relaxed rejuvenated. The mixture of therapies means that Kerryanne provides a bespoke session for your particular needs. I can’t rate her enough.



I kept getting a tingling feeling down the left-hand side at the back of my neck, saw Kerryanne twice and already the tingling has gone. Continuing to go once a month now to get those knots out of my shoulders and neck. I highly recommend Kerryanne, she uses a variety of methods to tailor the therapy just for you.

Karen Johnson

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