We’re here to handle your aches and pains online!

Woman with back pain

We’re here to handle your aches and pains online!

Online appointments now available – www.facebook.com/realeasemassage

Since Coronavirus put the UK on lockdown here at Real-ease we immediately took our clinic online to help everyone out there struggling with aches and pains.

Every Sunday at 4.30pm injury therapist Kerryanne Clancy goes live on our Facebook page –
https://www.facebook.com/realeasemassage – to tackle a different topic every week and answer your questions LIVE (see our list of video topics below and tune in for help!)

While the government announcement this week means therapy clinics remain unable to open for hands-on treatments, we remain here to help offering FREE initial online video consultations via Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime and Facebook Messenger to help get people out of pain.

How can you do it online?

Easily! Anyone who has visited us will know there’s a lot more to what we offer than just a good rub down. Every session also includes stretches, exercises, and self-treatment advice so the good work continues when you get home. This allows you to take control of your pain, regain your confidence and your quality of life.

Don’t believe online can work? See what our clients say who have booked in already…

Ready to book? Call or text 0778 7592298 or email

And for anyone who would like a little help tackling strains and pains at home, here’s a link to our Facebook Live sessions which have covered:

Anxiety, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, foam rolling, arm wrist & finger pain, foot & ankle pain and using yoga stretches to tackle back pain